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Why Screen Printing Hits The Sweet Spot For Customers

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Many businesses and even individuals consider screen printing services to be among the best values in the business. Why does screen printing occupy a sweet spot in terms of both cost and quality? You should consider these four reasons before you decide how to approach your next project.

Simplifying Complex Processes

One of the biggest things that screening does is take complex processes and make them simple. Suppose you want to create a cost-effective poster for an advertising campaign. You also want to get a relatively high level of fidelity while using color photographs.

Screens allow you and the printing company to break the complex imagery into simple components called separations. Each separation represents a single color. If you're using a four-color process, for example, each screen would separately handle the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black layers of the photo. When the screen printing company layers the separation, the dots will blend to create the desired colors. Although the quality isn't equal to a high-end photographic process, it does a good job of getting close without costing a lot.

Rapid Customization

Using screens is popular because it allows you to rapidly customize specific elements of a product. The classic example of a buyer of screen-printed products is a youth soccer team. You want each player to have their number and name on their jersey. Likewise, you'll probably want to integrate advertising for a local business sponsor.

A printing professional can create a base screen with repetitive features, such as the team's name and the sponsor's logo. They can then quickly swap in screens for the numbers and names to produce a customized jersey for each participant.

Immense Scalability

Once you've created a screen, it provides amazing scalability. If the youth soccer team only needs 30 jerseys, the process works great. Likewise, a business that needs to produce tens of thousands of posters, T-shirts, and flags can put the same process to work. Artists and bands love screen printing because it allows for rapid merchandising.

Quality is also highly scalable with screening. You can create an entry-level product for the customer who's happy with a single-color logo on a T-shirt. At the same time, you can create a high-end product that uses multiple colors and complex graphics to reach a different price point.

High Reusability

Screens are tough and highly reusable. Once more, the hypothetical soccer team can come back to the screen printing services business year after year. The printer can use the same screens many times over and just keep them in anticipation of next year's needs.

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