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Top Signs You Should Consider Having Your Book Printed As A Hardcover Vs. A Paperback

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If you have written a book, you are probably ready to have it printed as soon as possible. One decision you will need to make first, though, is how you want your book to be printed. Naturally, paperback books are an option. However, you might instead want to have your book printed as a hardcover book, or you might want to offer both options. These are a few top signs that having your book printed as a hardcover is something you should think about.

You Have a Bigger Printing Budget

One thing you need to be prepared for with hardcover books is a higher printing cost. This is because more expensive materials are used, and more expensive printing equipment is needed. If you are printing your book on a really tight budget, this might not be possible. However, if you can spend the extra money on hardcover book printing, chances are good you'll find it's worth the additional cost. If you order a lot of printed books at one time, you may spend less per book, though. Plus, many readers are willing to pay a little more for hardcover books, so you may be able to recoup your costs in this way.

You Want Your Books to Hold Their Value

If you are hoping that your readers can enjoy long-lasting books that hold their value well, then you may want to opt for hardcover books. After all, they hold up longer and stay looking their best for longer. Plus, they often hold their value better, too.

Hardcover Books are Popular in Your Genre

Hardcover books are more popular in some genres than others. If you are having a cookbook printed, for example, you might like the idea of ordering it in hardcover form. Hardcover books are popular in other genres and book types, too, such as coffee-table-style books or reference books.

Many great books are printed as paperbacks, so there is nothing wrong with at least considering printing your books in this way. However, having your books printed as a hardcover book might be the better idea. If any or all of these signs are true, then you should definitely look into hardcover book printing. Luckily, there are great printing companies out there that print hardcover books of different sizes and lengths. Finding a printer to help you with printing your books as hardcovers shouldn't be hard, and you and your readers will hopefully be very happy with the results.