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Busting Common Myths About Folded IRCs on Supermarket Products

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Folded instantly redeemable coupons (IRCs) are one of the most commonly used types of coupons today, but many grocery product manufacturers do not consider IRCs as a worthy investment. Usually, a set of myths get in the way of a product maker looking to IRCs as a viable investment to help market their products. Take a look at just a few of those myths and the facts about folded IRCs that you should know. 

Myth: Most customers don't pay attention to folded IRCs. 

On the contrary, many consumers carefully scan the shelves for products in their supermarkets that have coupons attached. Most customers are more likely to buy a brand they normally do not buy or grab a new item if it has an instant coupon attached. The included coupon can make purchasing the item more logical even if they normally would pick something else. 

Myth: Folded IRCs make more sense on health and beauty products. 

You do find a lot of folded coupons on health and beauty products. These integrated coupons are small so they do well on small packages that are common with health and beauty products. Nevertheless, folded IRCs work just as well on larger packages and grocery items. You also gain the advantage of integrating larger coupons that are easier for the consumer to see on a product package. 

Myth: Grocery items have low markups; the extra expense isn't worth it. 

While grocery items generally do not have a large markup, the costs of folded IRCs are incredibly small. In addition, the costs are easily recouped by the fact that some consumers purchase more when they get a good deal. For example, if you place a coupon on a package of dry cereal that yields a five percent savings, the customer may buy more than one box because of the additional savings. Therefore, any added expense you have for integrating the coupons is quickly recouped by multiple product purchases. 

Myth: Folded IRCs don't display well on grocery shelving. 

One of the best things about folded redeemable coupons is the fact that they are quite small, and really don't change anything about the size or shape of a product package. Therefore, the coupons are not going to be in the way, get caught on nearby products, or otherwise cause any problems. The coupons are typically easily spotted by the average consumer as well. 

For more insight, contact companies that supply folded IRCs.