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Having Shirts Screen Printed For Your Business

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Screen printing is one of the most popular options for individuals and businesses looking to better advertise their services. While screen printing is an effective way of adding graphics to a garment, it is an involved process that you will want to understand before you commit to ordering graphic T-shirts.

Consider Creases And Seams When Choosing A Pattern For The Screen Print

A key benefit of screen printed garments is that they will allow you to have almost any design applied to the shirt in an easy and affordable manner. However, you will want to be mindful of the presence of creases, seams and other obstructions. These features could impact the appearance of the screen printed image. Ideally, you will want your design to completely avoid the need to add pigment to these areas of the shirt.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Working With A Limited Color Palette

Limiting the number of colors that are used in the design of the screen printed image can be a beneficial strategy for several reasons. For example, the lower number of pigments will help to reduce the costs and complexity of preparing the garments. Depending on the screen printing service that you are using, this could save you a considerable amount of money if you are planning to order a bulk number of screen printed shirts. An added benefit of choosing a limited color palette is that it may be easier to create a design that will be eye-catching without appearing to be too chaotic or messy.

Keep The Screen Printed Shirts Properly Stored Until You Need Them

If you are ordering the screen printed shirts for your business, you will need to make sure that they are properly stored until it is time to sell them or issue them to your workers as part of their uniforms. Improper storage can lead to the pigment that is applied to these shirts coming loose, fading, or otherwise failing. Moisture and extreme heat can be extremely damaging to these garments, as temperature and humidity can lead to the pigment peeling off or fading. If you need to store screen printed shirts, you may want to invest in a climate-controlled storage provider, as this can be the best option for ensuring that these garments will be in good condition when you are ready to take them out of storage for use or distribution. Keep these things in mind when ordering screen printed shirts.