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3 Printed Materials You're Going To Need For Your Charity Auction

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Hosting a charity auction is an excellent way to raise funding for a good cause. Before the auction, reach out to a print management solutions company, like RG Gion & Associates, to get all the printed materials you need. Here are a few things it is a good idea to include. 

You'll need handouts that offer a list of the items up for auction. 

When people first arrive at the auction, it is nice if you can give them a brochure or other printed item that provides them with a list of everything that will be up for auction for the night. The items should be arranged in the order that they will be up for auction so attendees can follow along and make sure they are present to bid on those items they are interested in.

It is also not a bad idea to include a schedule of the night's events on the handout. For example, if you will have a guest speaker before the auction, a certain time for auction items to be viewed openly, and refreshments after the auction, include a schedule. 

You should provide handouts for educating the public about your cause. 

People who make it to your charity auction may already know a bit about your cause, but there is always a possibility that they are ill-informed or have a guest with them that is not aware of who you are and why you are hosting the event. Work with a print management service to draft some handouts that detail just what it is that you are trying to achieve.

If you are raising money for a specific cause, outline what it is about that cause that is important. For instance, if you are raising money for a local non-profit agency, a handout that tells the story of that non-profit, how many people they help, and how this act is important within the community would be good information to include. 

You're going to need signs for items you plan to display. 

Before a lot of charity auctions, the items that will be going up for auction will be displayed somewhere on the premises for people to get a look at before the auction begins. It is good practice to have printed signs on each item explaining a bit about the item. For example, if you will be auctioning off a piece of donated art, the sign could state the artist's name, the name of the artwork, and the potential dollar value.