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Design Your Next Advertising Materials With The Help Of A 4-Color Process Screen Printing Business

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Color is paramount if you would like to pull your targeted audience into your mind and show them what your whitewater rafting business has to offer. Bland advertisements seldom get people to turn their head, but an advertisement that not only depicts a true-life rendition of what one can expect plus adds detailed information about a rafting adventure can be a show stopper.

Learn The Difference Between Ink Types

Some printing presses use basic colors that don't add definition or dimension to a picture. Black is a popular ink type that is considered bold and prominent, but it really can do no justice when additional features are present that should be defined in order to get a point across. Black, however, would work well with advertising that consists mainly of words or a basic design.

A four-color process press uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black as the main colors for a printed advertisement or picture. These colors can vastly enhance the qualities of a basic picture and can make the end result seem realistic to one's eye. 

Don't Leave The Printing Up To Yourself

Sure, you can purchase a multi-colored inkjet for your printing needs, but imagine the frustration you may encounter if you are not used to creating advertisement materials or if your inkjet runs out of ink or begins to leak. This is where a screen printing company comes into play and can really save the day, both with time and money.

You can choose natural-style prints or enhance your artistic aura and originality by choosing spot color printing. Spot color printing differs from standard printing due to the application of the ink.

Instead of a complete picture being printed with equal amounts of color, you can select a spot-printed photo that will focus on specific parts of the original photograph. These types of prints are trendy and pleasing to the eyes and will enhance the waterway or land areas that are part of the scenic journey that one will endure while embarking on a rafting trip.

Add Vital Details

Your advertisements need to contain information pertaining to individual and group trips so that no questions are left in the viewers' minds. Because you will be relying on a professional printing company, you don't have to do much more than jot down the information that you want to be included. Catchphrases, descriptive wording, and a concise list of prices should all be included when preparing the layout for each printed advertisement.