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Using Miniature Folding For Your Dollhouse Furniture Business

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Miniature folding packs a lot of information into a tiny, little package. For example, you can take the instructions and information on cough syrup in eight languages, print it on both sides of a 6"x8" piece of paper, and fold it up until it is only the size of a quarter before inserting it into the package with the bottle of cough syrup! Need more ideas on how miniature folding can help you with your dollhouse furniture business? Check out the following information.

Tiny Company Labels

If you have ever looked at dollhouse furniture by other companies, you may find these tiny little stickers on the pieces. The stickers are printed with the help of a printing service that excels at "miniature folding." These companies not only do tiny, folded up instruction sheets, but they can make even tinier company labels too.

For Dollhouse Furniture That Needs Assembly

Dollhouse hobbyists are already used to tiny print. However, you may want to make the print a little bit larger and easier to read if you are going to have specialty printers create folded instructions for assembling dollhouse furniture. In this instance, dollhouse hobbyists are buying the furniture unassembled, but pre-cut from your business.

The folded instructions you include with each set can be printed on paper that is folded down to the size of the seat of a dollhouse chair.  You could even package each tiny furniture item in much smaller packages this way. It would help you can save money on packaging and shipping costs, too.

Mini Tri-Fold Instructions for Finishing

If you sell complete sets of wooden dollhouse furniture unfinished so that hobbyists can finish the furniture themselves, you may want to consider full color instructions for these packages. A tri-fold instruction sheet with possible color outcomes for the furniture in the package when you use specific stains or varnishes can be printed on one side of the sheet, with basic finishing instructions on the opposite side of the sheet. Insert the tri-folded instruction sheet into the base of the packaging to keep the sheet from being shredded when the customer opens the clear plastic packaging fom the top down.

Compressing Information When a Booklet Is Required

Sometimes some of your company's dollhouse project kits require an entire booklet. Unfortunately, some of the dollhouse projects do not quite have enough room for a booklet. The printing company you hire to do this can compress the booklet into a very flat rectangle, and then you can tape the compressed booklet to the base of the dollhouse or on an inside edge of the box.

For more information, contact a miniature folding and printing company.