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3 Good Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Office Copier

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From making it possible to keep hard copies of certain documents to ensuring you get quality copies for distributing materials to employees, there are all kinds of ways the office copier makes life at work a lot easier to handle. While some business owners will upgrade their office copier every few years to ensure it is the most up-to-date model, most just wait until their copier no longer serves the purpose or falls into disrepair before replacement. It is always best to know how to spot signs that your copy machine should be upgraded within the workplace. Here are a few good signs it is time to upgrade your office copier. 

You spend a lot of money on maintenance and repairs. 

Keeping costs low is a huge thing in any business setting, but if you have a copier that is constantly breaking down, you will spend more than your fair share to keep it going. For what you spend on maintenance and repairs of an old copier, you could easily invest that money toward a new machine. Therefore, make sure you are paying close attention to just how often you are having to bring in a repairman for help with your old copier. 

Your old copier is a giant beast of a machine that takes up a lot of space. 

For a lot of years, the copy machine was one of the largest pieces of equipment in the office. However, modern copiers are far less big and bulky so they will not take up as much space. Newer technology and engineering prevents the copier from having to be such a huge thing. If the copier you have has been around for a lot of years, chances are, there is a newer model available that will better fit into the work environment. 

Your copier is missing all those newfangled features. 

If you've not invested in a new copier for quite some time, there is a pretty high likelihood that you are missing out where functionality is concerned. The latest models have all kinds of insane new features, such as the ability to function as a fax machine, the ability to accept printouts from remote employees, and even the ability to wirelessly connect to phone systems to automatically printout call logs. If you have a copier that really doesn't do anything fancy, you are probably missing out and should look at the latest models. 

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