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How To Use Blueprints To Keep Hotel Guests Safe

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When it comes to the safety of your hotel's guests, you want to do everything you can to ensure they can get the help they need during an emergency. One way to do this is with blueprints. Use the following guide to learn how you can put blueprints to work in your building.

Create Fire Escape Floor Plans

Using the existing blueprints from your hotel, you can create fire escape floor plans for every room in the hotel. Work with your blueprint printing service to find the right sizing for these floor plans, and mark the blueprints with the safest escape routes. Each room should have a printout that shows the guest's current location in the hotel room along with clearly defined exit options. For hallways, create floor plans that show escape routes from the floor plan's exact location. You can also put floor plans in the stairwells to show people where to go when they exit the stairs.

Create A Color-Coded Assistance System

In addition to exit routes, your emergency maps should show hotel guests where appropriate emergency equipment is located. This could include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, or defibrillator systems. Mark these items on the blue prints for every location in the building to help your guests find the assistance they need. If your hotel uses emergency phones to connect guests to the front desk or local law enforcement, be sure to mark the location of the phones as well.

Choose The Right Size

You don't want to place a full-sized blueprint of the entire hotel on the wall of each guest room, so consider where the exit plans will be placed. If they will go on the hotel room doors, choose a smaller size that is still easy to see. If you'll be posting them on the wall next to the door or in the hallways, you can opt for a larger floor plan. Your blueprint printing service can help you to determine the proper sizing for each area of your hotel.

Use Laminated Printouts

Each printout should be laminated to prevent anyone from changing the escape routes as a prank. Your blueprint printing service can create laminated copies of your floor plans for escape routes, which can then be posted throughout the building. You can also choose to have the plans mounted to canvas or wood for easy hanging on your walls.

Blueprints continue being useful long after your hotel has been built. Use these ideas to help create a safe environment for your hotel guests.