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Want A Used Boat? Four Things To Do

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After years of seeing others out on the open water in their personal boats, you might have made it your goal to purchase one of your own. However, once you start pricing them, you may feel far away from that goal until you start looking at previously-owned boats. Used boats are not as expensive and can oftentimes give you a fantastic experience. Just be sure to do the following before you get your boat license, purchase a boat, and get it out on the ocean.

Look for Engine Problems

Rather than being dazzled by all the features the boat has to offer, you should also concern yourself with investigating the quality and functionality of the engine. After all, you don't want to be stuck out in the middle of the ocean a few weeks after you get the boat. Insist on starting up the engine yourself so that you can listen for strange noises. The engine itself should be inspected; the gaskets and other components should not be caked with mineral buildup. Too much grime could indicate a lack of regular maintenance and a boat mechanic should do a full assessment.

You'll also want to look into the boat's oil reservoir. The oil should be jet black; if it is not and seems off, or milky-colored, that's a signal that water has infiltrated the supply and you need to find out more before you agree to buy.

Ask About Warranties

It's smart to find out whether anything is still covered by a warranty that can be transferred over to you as the new owner. Particularly, the hull warranty should be asked about; a used boat that is still under warranty can be more attractive than one that is not, just because if something goes wrong with the body of the boat, you may not have to pay all the costs yourself.

Get Your License

Even if you've gotten the best used boat in the world, you still can't use it until you get your boating license. There might be different requirements from state to state, but you need to visit your local licensing office to find out what skills and information you need to have in order to secure the document. You may want to fulfill those requirements as you search for a boat, so that when you purchase one you can take it out right away.

The details here can ensure that you buy a great boat and don't have any trouble sailing it safely and legally. Visit retailers and current private sellers for more information about the boats available to you.