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Tips For Sending Marketing Post Cards To Generate Interest In Your Company

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If you are a company that is trying to increase brand recognition and generate leads and interest in your company, then you need to make sure that you are sending out postcards. Marketing postcards are a great way to get people introduced to your business because it is a relatively cheap way to put your name out there. However, you don't want your postcards to get lost with all of the other mail that people receive. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your postcards stand out and help you generate interest.

1. Don't Make Your Postcard Look Like an Advertisement

Your first step is to avoid having your postcard look like an advertisement. You can do this by using a font that looks like handwriting, having any pictures or outlines that are drawn look slightly imperfect, or even having a small image that looks like a post-it note is attached to the back of the postcard. All of these things will increase people's interest in your postcard because it will survive the first round of recycling that many people do to get rid of ads.

2. Don't Try to Close a Sale

Recognize that the point of the postcard is to get a potential customer to be interested enough in the message to follow up on your company to learn more. As a result, word all of the language on your postcard so that it is clearly intended for that purpose. For example, if you are offering a month-long free trial when someone signs up for six months of a service that you offer, word this deal like this: "find out how you can get a month free this service today." Don't word it like this: "sign up for six months today to get one month free." The last statement is a closing statement and is going to turn people off of your postcard, whereas the first statement is going to intrigue them enough to learn more about this potential deal.

3. Make Your URL Simple

You know that you need to include your URL on your postcard. However, if your URL is too long and complicated, then people aren't going to actually ever make it to your website. People will check you out the next time they happen to be browsing the Internet and if your URL is not simple enough to remember without the postcard, there's no point in including it.

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