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Learn How To Design Custom Labels To Use For Your Homemade Jam And Jelly Business

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If you are someone who enjoys selling homemade jellies and jams at local markets, you need to be sure that you properly label the jars that you sell. You want to be sure that you are able to drum up as much business as possible, and putting professional labels on your jars will allow people to share your product with others and make it easy to identify when people see it at the markets. Use the following guide to learn how to have the perfect labels created for your jars.

Choose the Size

The first thing you need to do when creating a label for your jars is consider the size you need the label to be. Measure your jars from top to bottom to see how tall you need the labels to be. Then, take a string and wrap it around the jar. Lay the string flat on a table and measure it. This will tell you how wide you need the labels to be. Choose if you want the label to wrap around the entire jar or just go halfway around it.

Choose the Design

Next, you need to choose if you want the label to have a design on it. You can choose to have the entire label covered by a design, just a border added to the edges of the label, or one small image added in the corner. It is up to you to choose how you think the label looks the best. The label manufacturer will be able to accommodate any design you choose, so don't be afraid to be creative when it comes to choosing the right look for your labels.

Choose the Color

You now need to choose if you want your labels to be printed in black and white or if you want color added to them. Colored labels may cost more than black and white labels, so it is important to talk to the manufacturer, before making your decision to ensure that you are able to plan for the cost to have colored or black and white labels made.

Choose the Verbiage

Finally, you need to choose what you want the labels to say. You need to make sure the labels say your business's name, the type of jelly and jam contained inside of the jar, and contact information so that someone can contact you directly when they want to buy the jam or jelly.

Once you have the labels created, they will be delivered to your home or office. The labels will have adhesive backing on them so that all you have to do is peel them from the paper they are printed on and stick them to the jars. If you're looking for a company that offers label manufacturing, visit United Label Canada Ltd.