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3 Tips for a Successful Flyer Campaign

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Got a big event on the horizon or a piece of crucial information that needs to be disseminated? One of the most effective, immediate ways of spreading word is through using flyers. Canvassing large groups of people, talking with them and leaving them a tangible reminder in their hands is a great way to engage your audience and get the word out. Here are three easy tips for running a successful flyer campaign

1. Create an Engaging Design

Be sure that your fliers pop visually and convey the information in a simple way that is ultimately hard-to-miss. People usually only look at a flyer once before deciding whether to trash it or to think about the info. That split-second frame of impression is the most crucial part of any flyer campaign.

You may be passing information for the world's greatest idea or the hottest event anyone has ever seen, but everything will fall flat if your flyers don't have good design. Once you have a solid design, consider spending a little extra on professional printing services to really set your flyers apart.

2. Hone in on Your Audience

Another way to ensure people hear your message is to talk to the people who want to hear you. Chances are, you wouldn't advertise a nail salon at a football game or discuss a retirement plan at a preschool, so why would you flyer an audience who couldn't care less?

Think about who wants to hear your message and where they would be most open to receiving this type of interaction. College campuses? Public centers? Busy thoroughfares? Choose your location and your audience wisely, as it will make a world of a difference.

3. Emphasize Interaction

Above all, your personal conduct factors more into someone's reception of your message than anything your flyer could say. View each contact as a potential client-business relationship and treat it as such. Dress professionally, act confident, and engage your audience with courtesies and conversation. If you are having other people passing flyers out for you, be sure they look the part and act as you would toward your potential customers. Keep in mind that anyone who is flyering is acting as an emissary of the brand they represent and need to treat it as such.

It is also imperative to be cognizant of any laws surrounding the distribution of flyers. Check with those in charge of wherever you are flyering to ensure no conflict exists. Once you have that worked out, be sure to be courteous and polite to those you are engaging with for a successful flyer campaign. You can click here for more information or assistance on printing and designing your flyers.