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Custom T-Shirts Make Your Family Reuinion Unforgettable

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When you have a large family reunion coming up, you want to make the event special for everyone. Learn different ways you can have custom t-shirts made by a printing service to make the event truly fun and unforgettable for everyone.

Showcase your family pride

If you are going to an amusement park, museum, or other fun establishment as a large family, let your united pride shine so you can delight other patrons and be able to have a great time. Have custom t-shirts printed with the event in mind, such as 'Johnson Family getting their learn on at the museum' or 'Wild ride with the Smiths at the amusement park.' Get creative with the print you want to use on your t shirts, and have the year and season printed on the t shirts as well so years down the line, these t shirts can become special keepsakes that commemorate your amazing family reunion. As a bonus, having everyone wear identical shirts when out at a large function helps in keeping track of children and other family members, so everyone can stick together and have a fun and safe time.

Help remember distant relatives

If you have young children who don't remember certain cousins, aunts and uncles, or even grandparents, then t shirts can come in handy in this arena as well. For your intimate gathering at an event center or a family member's home, hand out t-shirts that have everyone's name printed on them on the front and back so children can easily pick out which grandparent is who and which cousin they have lost touch with. Introductions become far less awkward when everyone has their name in bold lettering for all to see. This is also a great idea if you are having reunion with old friends, their spouses and their children so everyone can quickly identify who is who.

Just for fun

You can also have everyone wear custom t shirts just for fun. Pick a recent family photo and have it printed on a t shirt to hand out to all your guests as they arrive. They will be delighted at such a touching gift. Make the day even more fun by handing out permanent markers with the shirts so everyone can sign individual t shirts with fun quotes and well wishes to make the keepsake attire even more special.

As you plan your upcoming family reunion, keep custom t shirts in mind. There are many fun ways you can incorporate this unique keepsake into your gathering so all your family can feel included in this momentous occasion.