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5 Signs A Business Could Benefit From Automated Business Mailing Services

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Automated business mailing services can improve performance in a wide range of industries. Whether you're dealing with established customers or trying to connect with potential new ones, automating your mailing processes will take off some of the burdens. If you're deciding whether or not to adopt automated mailing services, these 5 signs may indicate that it's time.

High Costs 

Dealing with business mailing work by hand is labor-intensive and costly. That is especially true if you have to pay an employee to handle the task. Automation will allow you to send hundreds or even thousands of pieces of mail in the time it might take to only deal with a few dozen by hand.

Difficulty Targeting Customers

Using automated processes, you can target customers better. If you have a mailing list in a database, for example, it's not hard to plug that information into automated business mailing services systems. This will allow you to send more items to more people, increasing your ability to spread messages and reach potential customers.

Slow Distribution

Sending mail by hand is also a generally slow process. Even if you're able to keep up right now, it's a good idea to consider automated mailing services to free up your time.

If you're planning to expand your business, automation may be even more valuable. Moving to an automated model will allow you to quickly scale as your expansion efforts grow. Rather than trying to figure out how you'll keep up with an expanded number of customers, you can simply enter the new ones into the system.

Rejected Mailings

You don't want to spend any more time and money dealing with rejected mailings than you have to. Automated systems use the mail service's protocols to reduce rejections. They can use scannable stamps, for example, to do a better job of interacting quickly with the machines at the post office and parcel carriers. Also, an automated system uses modern printing technologies to maximize legibility.

No or Limited Performance Tracking

Using similar technologies to the ones the postal service employs, you also can track the performance of mailings. An automated setup can embed unique identifiers into all mail pieces. When someone sends a return envelope to your business or uses a URL to contact you, that identifier will tie the customer's action to the original mailing. You can then use this data to track the performance of mailing sizes, imagery, messaging appeals, discount offers, time of year, and more.

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