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Paid A Lot For A Printer That Doesn't Work Now? Solutions That Help

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When you buy a multi-purpose printer for your home office, you expect it to do a lot of things. What you do not expect it to do is break down and/or malfunction shortly after you purchase it. Now what? You paid a lot of money for this printer, so you do not want to buy another one.Yet, you have to print stuff almost daily. Here are some solutions that can help.

Take the Printer to the Store's Repair Team

Some stores that sell electronics and computer accessories offer repair services. You can either take the printer to one of these stores, or have one of the store's repair technicians come to your office to fix the printer. There is a fee, but usually the problem is repaired quickly and effectively.

Try Your Public Library

Public libraries offer computers and printers for patron use. If your library is not too far away, this may be an ideal temporary solution for a day or two. There is a per-sheet charge, and the library typically only takes cash unless you print hundreds of pages.

Take Advantage of Remote Printing Services

Remote printing services allow you to send all of the items you want printed to a retail location. This retail location could be a shipping company, a business printing outlet, or a public computer with printing access. There is a charge per page printed, but it is better than not being able to print while you wait on the repair technician or decide what you are going to do about the new printer.

Create a Daily Print File and Load It onto a Thumb Drive for a Print Store's Printer

Business supply stores offer customers the ability to bring in a thumb drive loaded with everything that you want printed that day. You can either "plug and play" the drive into a waiting printer and print, or you can leave the drive with the store employees to print the drive's contents for you. You are charged for the service either when you finish printing or when you return to pick up what the store associates have printed for you.

Use Online Printing Services 

If the items you want printed are sets of mailing labels (or something similar), then you could use online printing services. These companies take orders, large or small, for everything from shipping labels to brochures. If you have not engaged their services yet, you might be quite pleased with the range of printing services and products you can get for your home office.